Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Sheep

This quite possibly might be one of the best horror movies of all time. Not because of the gore or the scariness. But because it has killer sheep for fucks sake! Not just killer sheep, but weresheep as well. How can that not make it great? This movie is packed with plenty of gore and humor. I mean come on, how can you not laugh while watching a movie about killer sheep? The special effects are surprisingly pretty damn good, and the plots not too bad either. I've seen big budget movies with worse effects and plots than this. All in all I give this movie a thumbs up. If you're looking for a fun, grotesque movie, then Black Sheep is for you. I wouldn't recommend for the squeamish.


  1. Whomever doesn't like this movie should be dead. Could have used a little more rape though. Fucking RAPE!

  2. When is it ok to rape women? When you are awake.